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We've created an app that centralizes refugee crisis initiatives so you can easily find a project that meets your needs.

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The Problem

Initiatives addressing the refugee crisis are scattered all across the web. This makes it difficult for refugees, volunteers, and donors to find exactly what they are looking for and leads to duplication of efforts.

Our Solution

Create a free-open source platform that centralizes all of the initiatives of the refugee crisis in one place. Use human-centered design to make the application meet real human needs.

Our Mission

What Google has done for the web, we want to do for the refugee crisis. We want to organize the information of the refugee crisis and make it universally accessible and useful.


Our team at Prosper created this website as a proof of concept to demonstrate the value of creating a central database of refugee crisis initiatives.

We are currently collaborating and sharing data with a number of other initiatives with the aim of creating a European-wide database that is used by people all over the world to help refugees along their journey. If you’re interested in partnering, or have refugee-related project data to share, please send us an email.

Our Process

After a six week period of intensive research, our team finally decided that this platform was the best way for us to make a scalable, sustainable and significant impact on the refugee crisis. Here is a basic outline of the design and development process we'd like to employ to realize the impact we've envisioned.

Step 1. Seed The Database

We're working with a global team of volunteers to seed our database with projects of the refugee crisis that we know are doing great work. Many of our team members are working with refugees on the ground and have witnessed some of these projects first hand. We've intereviewed dozens of project founders and want to bring their initiatives to light so that they can help more refugees and receive the support they need from volunteers and funders.

As we began to seed our database manually, we discovered there were dozens of spreadsheets across the web that were gathering lists of refugee crisis initiatives. We built a tool that allows us to import these spreadsheets into our database, and want to thank the authors and curators of these spreadsheets for hepling build our database and making it valuable to refugee communities.

Step 2. Create Partnerships

We've identified several other initiatives which are centralizing projects of the refugee crisis. We're creating partnerships to centralize our efforts so that we can have one global, central repository for the refugee crisis.

It doesn't matter what the platform is called, who gets the credit, or what technology we use. For us, we simply care about solving the problems created by having all of the refugee crisis intiatives scattered across the web.

Step 3. Launch, Test, Iterate

After launching an early prototype, we are working to employ a human-centered design process to make sure our application is actually solving problems for refuge seekers and providers—rather than just being tech for tech's sake.

Working with local communities

We are building relationships with local communities of refuge seekers and providers to act us the calibrating force of our application. We have a group of trusted volunteers who are working on the ground to help refugees across Europe. They act as advisors and advocates to help steer our application towards the needs they're observing on the ground.

Become a trusted volunteer

If you are working on the ground and are interested in joining our community of trusted volunteers, we'd love to hear from you

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In addition to the local communities which test and improve the direction and execution of our application, we are also using a data-driven process to measure our application's ability to:


If you're interested in contributing to our iniative, feel free to check out the Prosper community website to learn more about how to get started as a contributor.

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Along with collecting data around existing projects, we've also begun gathering concepts for projects that arise out of real human needs on the ground. If you're a refugee, volunteer, donor or someone else who is actively involved in the refugee crisis and would like to suggest a project concept, please do!

We're working to provide this data to digital humanitarians and refugee hackathons around the world as evidence of real human needs. Our hope is that technology is used to help solve real problems on the ground across the crisis, rather than being used as 'tech for tech sake'.

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Refugee Projects is currently a 100% volunteer-run operation. We are exploring potential funding models in order to build out out this platform. Please consider making a financial contribution to help cover our overhead costs and contact us if you’d like to explore potential partnerships. Thank you!

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